Webbing an Essay by M.P.


There are many types of webbing and essentially can be used for just about anything.For instance if you are wanting to secure loads whether it be for  moving or storing loads that are required to be stored on racks that require forklifts to be put up or brought down, use straps made with Nylon Webbing with metal cam lock buckles. Be advised that these are good for securing , but safety is also a factor to be taken seriously! Herring Bone Webbing can also be used for this but in smaller areas where storing something isn't of real great importance. This type of webbing can be compared to seat belt material and also considered durable.
Regular Poly Pro Webbing is a lightly woven webbing that also has many uses. For instance this type has been used for replacement straps for high chairs both used in restaurants and home personal use. Using this particular webbing Adjustable Shoulder Straps can be made to use on such things as gym bags or anything that would require being carried over the shoulder. Using Heavy Poly-Pro Webbing luggage straps can be made and be used to secure purses, backpacks, laptops etc. to your rollaway so no more arms full! Poly-Pro Webbing also known to be used to make edges of tarps stronger and added grommets, and can be used also for cargo nets etc.
Other varieties of webbing include Special Nylon Webbing, which is popular in making tool belts or anything that requires a stiff, strong, durable webbing. Tubular Webbing is good for covering computer wires, hoses and has high strength and is hollow and will give coverage and keep things in place. Heavy Nylon Webbing is widely used for making collars, harnesses and leashes and also is very durable. Cotton Webbing is also known to be used for making belts and for replacing worn strapping on furniture. It's breathable and retains moisture if needed! These are only a few examples of what different types can be used and what webbing can be used for!

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